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Our escort service is the closest you’ll get to a private bodyguard. And it’s not reserved for the elite. There’s many a situation can pose a very high threat level to personal security and to any valuable assets.

Charity auctions being one occasion, such as buying art for thousands of pounds. When you need to transport valuable assets from the event, having a private security officer on the job would make perfect sense.

Or it could be you’re going somewhere that doesn’t quite feel right. Whatever the situation, our escort security officers are highly trained to assess all territories, areas, and identify security weak-spots, and provide a high level of close-up protection.

Covert or Overt – We operate on your needs

Need discretion? Our security officers will blend in and tag along as a friend – who just happens to have security top of mind, but not visible to any on-lookers.

Want people to know you’re not fooling around? Our security officers will be overt with your security detail, providing a clear level of protection and a highly visible security operation, acting as the utmost deterrent to any could-be trouble-maker.

Private Security for Valuable Assets in Transit

Whether you’re a local business requiring extra security to accompany an employee taking cash to the bank, or a jeweller transporting valuable goods, our security officers are highly trained to act either covertly or overtly, depending on the situation, and always provide the highest level of protection to both people and assets.

When you have high value goods on your premises, it won’t matter how tight your security is when someone’s determined. Your weakest security link is when those valuables (cash or goods) are in transit between point A and point B.

Guld escort security officers can accompany people during transactions, or use our liveried vehicles to provide a visible security deterrent on the road providing a high level of protection during transit.

Should you need things kept on the down low, our escort security drivers can travel in unmarked vehicles to provide a covert security service, ensuring that no route is made public knowledge for when your high value goods are in transit.

Whatever your needs, Guld security can assist

Please contact: at or telephone: 01382 250001 for further details about our private escort security service.

Bespoke Security Solutions

At Guld Security, we understand that there’s no one-size fits all solution for every business, operation, or individual requirements. For that reason, we can combine various security services to provide whatever level or security that you need.

Be that individual, corporate, event, or security in transit.

For a free private security consult, contact one of our advisors today who can provide you with a detailed risk-assessment and recommendations on what security would be best suited to lower the risk to you, your business, and staff.