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CCTV recording is a major deterrent to any criminal wannabe. Thing is, it’s regulated by Data Protection law so you need to be careful where your cameras are pointed. This is particularly important for domestic CCTV. Commercial premises not so much, so long as you’re not recording audio and only capturing images that’s within the boundaries of your premises – you’re gold.

Guld are experts in the security field and as such CCTV installation is an area we focus on highly. The main reasons being, it’s the biggest deterrent to criminal activity, lowers insurance premiums when CCTV is operational and it can be monitored in real-time, lowering the cost to clients as it’s the cheapest 24/7 security operation you can buy.

Ties in with Mobile Patrol

With real-time monitoring of your CCTV system, any irregularities at your premises can be responded to with Guld Security mobile patrol units.

Clear signage with all CCTV

As per regulatory requirements, you’re obliged to let your employees know that there is surveillance on the premises recording images. To meet our obligations to our clients, we provide the signage you need to let people know you have CCTV in operation.

Experienced Installers

It’s highly encouraged that when you’re installing CCTV, you use an installer who knows the boundaries. You can only record images on your premises and not on public areas or anywhere where people would expect privacy. For situations where you’re perhaps a garage located just off a residential street, the camera can’t be pointed at the pavement capturing images of passers-by.

You can only record within the boundaries of your property.

Our CCTV service ensures your business is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

To find out more, contact one of our CCTV technical security advisors at or telephone: 01382 250001